Monday, April 12, 2010


Ak dh start kemas barang. Nak balik umah. Bile ak amik dua kotak. Terasa kerdil kotak tu nak dibandingkan ngn barang2 ak yg gile banyak neh. Ak mula bukak almari. Bju kurung je dh 25 pasang. Tshirt jeans belum kira. Apsal la ak bwk bnyk2 bju kurung bila mana ak p kelas pakai tracksuit ngn tshirt je. Bodo btul. Haha… then ak selak2 baju kurung. Tiba2 – “eh, bila plak ak de bju ni? Tak penah nmpk pon” itula ak. Bnyk sgt baju smpi baju mak ak belikn pon ak xpenah pakai. Rs2 ak dh derma tudng batu mak ak belikan spakej ngn baju raya 2 taun lepas. Ak xpenah pakai. Pertama, sbb tudung tu merah keoren-orenan. Nak kata huduh, mak belikan .ish . xbek. Jadik ak pon lipat simpan kemas2. then ada dua org bdk dtg bilik ak mintak sumbangan. Ak pon bagi tudung. “eh, tak pernah paki lg ke kak? Baru je nmpak” ak sengih. “iklas ney dik”

Berbalik kpd bilik ak yg super bersepah ni. Ak xtau mana nk mula dulu. Buku ak je dh berkotak2 punya banyak tak hingat. Tak gak dpt 4 flat. Potostat je lebey. Satu buku tebalnya boleh lumat seekor katak kalo hempuk katak tu. Huhu... then ak tgk pulak barang2 pompuan yg merepek-repek macam kotak pen la, tediber la, bunga kain gmbr smiley la, runner meja la, jam loceng helo kitty la, sume yg bukan2 dan tak perlu dalam hidup sebenarnya. Kenapa ak bawak benda2 ni?

Printer ngn periuk jgn cakap. Bapak ak siap tapaukan ak speaker lg masa ak first year. Ak tak bawak balik smpi la ak 4th year. Apsal bapak ak kurniakan speaker pon ak xtau. Maybe kalo tgk mvie sound lagi power kot. Hahaha. Nnt balik umah ak tnya.

Mari mengemas?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Stop Global Warming?? Hahah!

I went fr a window shopping with my junior Ema when I came across this cool t-shirt at Padini’s men section. So it’s fr him then. I think the printed T is sooooo cool and cute at the same time. Even though the green color might be very distinctive…

Stated there big and wide – STOP Global Warming, We Need Ice For the Party

I drew a smile across my face when it was 70% offered! So I got this cool Tshirt fr only 15.90! ……………………….until………………….

There’s something wrong abt the statement!

Knowing my bf has no idea abt GHG and Global Climate Change, I think its okay to gv him this T shirt. But then again, I dun wanna embarrass him infront of the crowd u wanna know why?

1) My bf didn’t study environmental science or agriculture science or wuteva life science field u name it. He only knows fibre optics (I dunno wth is tat anyway )

2) I am on the life science area and I knew that THE PROCESS OF MAKING ICE ITSELF CONTRIBUTES TO THE GLOBAL WARMING…hahahh! DUUUHHHH ~

Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Origami Girl

Girls, i've been a member of Kotex Club since 2009 and there are loads of fun information that u can get here. All about girls, vagina, sex and periods. C’mon..u’ll be surprised that there are simple things abt ur own body that u don’t even know and realize after all this while. So, check out this cool website and have fun! Here is one Origami Girl which represent me and help me carrying a message fr a good cause. What r u waiting fr? click nw and read what's inside Aisyah's Origami Girl. Xoxo.


Looking at my empty cookie jar…
Looking at my sleeping roommate…
Looking at empty coffee mug.. I started thinking

I need to buy some Chips Ahoy and Hazlenut Chipsmore …
I need to wake her up, she’s been sleeping for hours. Not moving even an inch.
I need some express coffee maker. Duuhh

Not really. I need and outing.
I need to go out from my silent-stuffy-dark as if somebody’s dead here-room.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Akhirnya, setelah 2 bulan xhujan..KK hujan…
Huh. Xsngka ak teruja sgt ngn ujan smpi ak dok brdiri bwh hujan selama 5 menet
There’s something abt rain that soothes ur heart don’t u thnk?
I love rainy day.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

H.O.M.E =(

I'm having a severe PMS nw. I even cried over Eveybody’s Fine. (T_T). It’s a story of a forgotten father. Hwaaaa…. Nw I miss my Abah like hell. I miss mum too. Bt Robert De Niro gave me this sense of missing my father more. Ick. =(

And Paul Mc Cartney’s singing at the back…..

”For so long I was out in the cold,
and I taught myself to believe every story I told.
It was fun hanging onto the moon, heading into the sun,
but it's been too long. Now I wanna come home”

”Came so close to the edge of defeat.
But I made my way in the shade, keeping out of the heat.
It was fun shooting out of the stars, looking into the sun,
but it's been too long. Now I wanna come home”

”Home. Where's there's nothing but sweet surrender,
to the memories from afar.
Home. To the place where the truth lies waiting,
we remember who we are”

”For too long I was out on my own.
Every day I spent trying to prove I could make it alone.
It was fun hanging onto the moon, heading into the sun,
but it's been too long. Now I wanna come home”

p/s ; H.o.m.e.s.i.c.k

Saturday, March 20, 2010

10 years later....

Why isit that everytime I update my thesis , its like killing me? Isn’t thesis supposed to be our area of expertise when it comes to choosing what kind of area you’re interested in doing research on to?? Argh. I’m lost. Wonder what I’m going to tell my children when they saw my dust-covered-half eaten by book mites-smelly-and-filthy-yet-freakin’-thick-thesis in our basement. “mum, check out, what’s this?” its written on the first page ~ For my mom and dad thanx for your love, support and acknowledgment.

First, my mum and dad haven’t had any idea what her daughter had been through in finishing her thesis. Second, thanx fr the cash dad. It helped

I would tell my little girl….

Future me : “look, Ana ( I hvnt decided with the name yet), wanna know something? Mommy did a data research on cattle sire called Stud Brahman”

Ana : what is a sire mom?

Future me : cattle’s daddy. (I will laugh). Like, a male cattle? Big, old? Strong?

Ana : what did they do?

Future me : They’re genetically fantastic, where they produce powerful babies , in term of heavier growth rate and wean faster than any other baby cattle. Help the industry towards better production, and self sufficiency.

Ana : silent.

Future me : silent.

Ana : is Daddy a powerful sire?

Future me : errrmmm…

p/s : sayang, joking! =P